Oral Surgery

We Offer Gentle Oral Surgery in Lumberton

Having oral surgery in Lumberton doesn’t have to be an awful experience. On the contrary, at Family Dental Care, we provide our patients with a high level of care that creates an unusually pleasant experience. Some of our practice’s benefits include:

  • Comfortable neck pillows and cozy blankets
  • Relaxing sedation options that will take the edge off your anxiety
  • A warm, inviting office environment
  • A team that’s dedicated to exceeding your expectations

Call us today at 409-217-5625 if you think you might need an oral surgery procedure. If you’re hurting, we may even be able to work you in the same day you call! We’re located at 148 Country Lane Drive in the 77657 ZIP code.

Relax in Our Care

You probably don’t want to think about having surgery performed on your mouth, and hopefully you’ll never need it. However, an oral surgical procedure is a fact of life for many of our patients. If you need our surgical services, then you can be assured of comfortable, accurate care.

Not only will our staff take time to answer your questions, but we’ll also offer you dental sedation to relieve any fear or anxiety you have about your dental care. For many patients, inhaled sedation with laughing gas is all they need to feel relaxed.

If you need a deeper level of sedation, then we can plan ahead and Dr. Nelams will prescribe a small pill that you’ll take before your appointment. It will completely relax you, and you will even feel groggy.

Get Comfortable Tooth Removal

The two types of oral surgery we perform at Family Dental Care both involve removing teeth. Although we’ll always try to save a damaged or diseased tooth, if we can’t restore it, and there’s a chance it could put your other teeth or your gums at risk, removal will be necessary to protect your oral health.

We also perform routine wisdom teeth removal. So long as they’re not impacted, then we can perform the procedure right here in our office. If they are coming in under another tooth or causing other problems, then we’ll refer you to a trusted local specialist for their removal.

If you need oral surgery in Lumberton, you can count on our team to provide you great care! Call us today at 409-217-5625 to schedule your consultation. You can also request an appointment online.

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