Dental Implants

Rebuild Your Bite With Dental Implants

Family Dental Care offers solutions for your missing teeth! Enjoy a full smile and strong bite again using dental implants in Lumberton. If your smile is lacking one or more teeth, then our restorative dentistry using implants can help you:

  • Eat and enjoy a wider variety of foods again
  • Smile with more confidence in social settings
  • Maintain good oral health and avoid other health concerns
  • Speak more plainly so others can understand you

Sedation is available to help you during your implant procedure! Call the team at Family Dental Care today to schedule your consultation: 409-217-5625. We’re located at 148 Country Lane Drive in the Lumberton ZIP code of 77657.

Experience the Joy of a Complete Set of Teeth

Dental implants function as replacement tooth roots for your missing teeth. Dr. Nelams will insert them into your jaw where they will chemically fuse with your jawbone. At Family Dental Care, we exclusively use mini dental implants, which are similar in structure to full-sized implants, only smaller. Their size means that mini teeth implants need less healthy jawbone to bond with and require less healing time.

After your mini implants are ready for restoration, we’ll secure replacement teeth to them. Your options could include:

  • Individual Crowns – We’ll have our lab partner craft you a beautiful new crown to sit atop a single mini implant. It will blend in naturally with the rest of your smile, and no one will know it’s not a natural tooth. It will also restore virtually all your biting and chewing power.
  • Implant-Supported Bridges – The lab can make you a new bridge that will anchor to two or more implants. The implants will give this type of bridge more stability than a standard fixed bridge is able to offer.
  • Implant-Retained Dentures – If you’ve never tried implant dentures before, you will love these! Using a sturdy socket-and-ball system, we can anchor your new dentures in place. They’ll stay firmly put until you’re ready to remove them for cleaning. You’ll never have to worry about them slipping out of place or popping out of your mouth.

Dental implants in Lumberton can help you smile confidently again! Call us today at 409-217-5625 to schedule your consultation.

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