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Make The Clear Choice With Invisalign Aligners [BLOG]

This month at Family Dental Care, we’re celebrating National Orthodontics Month with Invisalign aligners in Lumberton, TX. Invisalign is a great alternative to metal braces, and with our state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Nelams and our team can give patients the same results as they would get with braces.

Take a look at some comparisons between Invisalign therapy and metal braces. If our clear aligners sound like they could help improve your smile, call us at 409-217-5625 to get started. If you’re a patient with us already, your consultation will be free.

Choose Discreet Orthodontics

If you’re like most of our adult patients, you don’t want to draw attention to metal braces on your teeth. You already have issues you’re concerned about with your teeth, so why add to those issues with noticeable braces? 

Invisalign is made of high-quality, BPA-free clear aligners. Because they’re clear, your orthodontic care won’t be obvious to others. In fact, we’ve had patients who went through their entire treatment without anyone knowing they were straightening their teeth. Some have told us that after they finished treatment, people asked what they had done to look different!

The advantages of Invisalign orthodontics are clear (pun intended):

  • Clients, co-workers, and other business associates won’t focus on your teeth while you interact with them or give presentations.
  • Your appearance won’t be affected by metal on your teeth during other social interactions. In fact, your teeth will continue to look better as your treatment progresses.
  • Never worry about looking awkward in photos or even at special events.

Choose Comfortable Invisalign Orthodontics

Whether you had metal braces when you were younger or never got the chance to straighten your teeth, you probably have the same major concern others do with braces: pain. Admittedly, getting metal braces put on can be uncomfortable during the initial adjustment period. After all, the metal wires and bands use pressure to move your teeth into their ideal positions. 

Periodic adjustments, which are required every few weeks, continue moving your teeth where they should be. That’s not super comfortable either. Neither are broken wires and brackets.

With clear aligners, you’ll feel slight pressure when you switch to a new set, which is every two weeks. Other than that, you’ll hardly notice they’re there. The smooth plastic keeps them more comfortable to wear, and we ensure a precise fit with iTero digital scans rather than traditional impressions.

Plus, you won’t have to deal with broken parts and coming into the office every time that happens. You also won’t have to worry about scratching the inside of your mouth or your lip like metal braces can.

Choose Removable Orthodontics

Traditional braces stay on your teeth throughout your entire treatment. That could easily be two or three years. You won’t get a break from them showing on your teeth or interfering with your diet. On the other hand, Invisalign aligners are removable. In fact, you’re supposed to remove them when you eat. That’s great because it means:

  • No food stuck in wires or brackets
  • No changes to your diet – you can still enjoy popcorn and other foods when eating alone or with friends, family, or coworkers
  • No long routines of cleaning in between all the brackets and wires every time you eat and during your morning and night routines

Even though people likely wouldn’t notice them anyway, you can remove the orthodontic aligners for special occasions too. 

Since they are removable, it means you must stay committed to wearing them for at least 22 hours a day for treatment to progress as planned. In most cases, that’s shorter than the amount of time it would take to complete treatment with braces. Invisalign takes about 12 months on average for adults. Dr. Nelams can determine the length of your treatment time using special 3D technology.

The Choice Is Clear

Like braces, aligners can improve your health, not just your appearance. Straight, evenly spaced teeth are easier to brush and floss. Less food gets stuck between them, too. We’ve also noticed that straight teeth is a great incentive for many patients to keep up with their oral hygiene routine.

Invisalign aligners in Lumberton, TX can give you the smile you want with the convenience you need. Call 409-217-5625 to request your consultation at Family Dental Care. We have over two decades of experience improving smiles – and lives – with orthodontics.

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