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Transform Your Smile With a Dental Crown

If there was a contest for “most versatile dental restoration” a dental crown would be the hands-down winner. Unlike a filling or a veneer, a crown covers your entire tooth. So it can repair virtually any kind of damage, including cavities too big for a filling and broken teeth. A crown seals your tooth shut, so bacteria can’t enter through cracks or similar damage. It strengthens teeth that have suffered structural damage, so you can enjoy full oral functionality.

Depending on the condition of your tooth,a dental crown can also be a great choice for hiding cosmetic flaws such as deep stains or misshapen teeth. When combined with a dental implant, a crown can even replace a missing tooth.

One of the first steps in getting a crown is having an impression made of your tooth. At most dentists, this involves a messy and not-very-comfortable process of having a tray of goop in your mouth. At Family Dental Care we use digital scanning technology instead, for a hassle-free experience.

There are many situations in which your smile could benefit from a crown. Call 409-217-5625 today for an appointment at our Lumberton, TX office.


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