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Can You Gain Your Independence From Loose Dentures?

If you have loose dentures, Independence Day might not look the same for you as it does everyone else. You can’t bite into corn on the cob. You can’t eat steak without chopping it into tiny pieces – if you’re lucky. You can’t eat chips without clacking sounds. And you might pass up the banana pudding if you’re afraid it’ll take your dentures out with it. 

Sound familiar?

This is no way to celebrate. And it’s no way to live. If you have to think about what you eat just because you have dentures, it’s time to consider dental implants. 

We take away all the concerns about implants with our mini implants

  • They’re less invasive than traditional implants, so most people only need local anesthetic to not feel any pain. 
  • If you’re apprehensive about getting dental work done, you can relax with sedation.
  • Worried about the cost? Minis cost less than conventional implants. We accept most insurance plans, and in-house financing and CareCredit financing allow you to make low monthly payments.

Start looking forward to celebrations and even daily meals. See if you can ditch the loose dentures in our quiz. Then call our Lumberton dental office at 409-217-5625 to request your life-changing consultation at Family Dental Care.

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